Becoming Investor Shares

Becoming Investor Shares
Change the habit of saving to invest. It became a challenge for Indonesian people who are familiar with saving. Investments are made to meet long-term needs while the savings should only be for the purposes of the cash in the short term.

One long-term investment instruments is a stock. What is the question? How do I get people to invest in stocks? Before you start buying shares, prospective investors should do is open an account at the securities company.

Principles of account opening in securities company is similar to opening a bank account. Investors can open an account in one or in several securities firms. There are currently 116 securities companies that are members of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

Make sure you choose a company securities that are members of the BEI list can be viewed on the website IDX. Investors will be asked to fill out two applications account opening, the account opening application and effects application Client Fund Account (RDN).

RDN is new provisions in force since February 2012. The goal is that investors' accounts separate from accounts of securities companies. Previously, customer investment fund account administered in securities companies. With the new provisions, the customer has a separate account so it is more secure than opportunities abuses by unscrupulous companies that effects may occur.

Once investors complete the account opening requirements, then the investor will wait until a Securities Ownership Reference Card (AKSes) that include Single Investor Identification (SID). SID is the sole identity of investors to transact. Although investors opening accounts at more than one securities company, owned SID remains one.

SID numbers used by investors in addition to the transaction, as well as to monitor the portfolio of securities (stocks or other capital market instruments) which can be seen through AKSes card facilities. SID also new ownership obligations imposed in February last year in conjunction with the requirement to hold RDN.

Facilities managed AKSes Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI) which became the Central Securities Depository (CSD) in the Indonesian capital market. All data recorded in the investor-owned portfolio KSEI. And investors should continue to frequently monitor the effects his balance and mutation effects or to determine its compliance with the order transaction keapakah given to the securities company where investors open accounts.

After becoming an investor and have all the requirements, then the investor will be required to deposit some funds deposit amount varies depending on the company's securities. Once the transfer is complete and the status of active investor accounts, investors are able to trade stocks.

Purchase and sale of shares can only be done through the company's securities. Or it could also be done even if the transaction directly by investors who choose to transact online through trading, but still uses the identity of securities brokerage firms that are members of BEI Stock exchange members.

To choose which one to buy stocks, investors can consult with stock analysts in securities firms. Each company generally has the effect of the research division every day macroeconomic analysis, sector analysis, and analysis of the company whose shares are listed on the Stock Exchange. The analysis results of the analyst can be a consideration in choosing the investor shares to be purchased.

Purchase of shares is calculated in units of lots. One lot of shares to be composed of a minimum purchase contains 500 shares. The purchase of a minimum of 500 shares and multiples sheets, in the other hands. Currently there are 46 874 shares listed on the Stock Exchange that it could be investment options.

Advantage stock investing there are two kinds. First, from capital gained or increased in stock price. Investors who buy shares of A for example, the price of Rp 1,000 per share, then sell the shares when the price rises to Rp1.500 per sheet, called receive capital gain of Rp500 per share.

When the shares are not sold, but the price has gone up, called the so-called investor has capital gains potential. Instead the stock price could go down the so-called capital loss when it is realized or cut loss, and potential capital loss if it is not sold at the price down.

Second, investors can benefit from the advantages gained a second dividend from the company's profit (net profit) company. The amount of dividends received by the investor depends on the decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) of the company.

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