The Advantages of DSLR Camera

The Advantages of DSLR Camera

Camera Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras are commonly used by professional photographers. Because the device is capable of producing images with good quality. Namuan DSLR cameras also have drawbacks. What are the strengths and weaknesses of DSLR cameras?

1. Image Quality. Because the larger DSLR sensor, it tends to catch quality is better than with a compact camera.
2. Flexible. DSLR lenses can be easily changed as needed.
3. Speed​​. DSLR in terms of faster shutter speeds or speed image capture, start up, and also shutter lag or time lag between pressing the shutter button until the image is stored.
4. Optical Viewfinder. With optical viewfinder, what is visible in the viewfinder will be in accordance with the results recorded.
5. Wide ISO range. Setting the ISO sensitivity or sensor to light) has a wider range, making it more flexible shooting in all conditions even in a low light though.
6. Manual control. Although in some compact cameras equipped manual settings for taking pictures, but the number and more diverse in its flexibility DSLR.
7. Value. DSLR cameras are considered to have more value than a compact camera. Because it factor "expired" it is longer. Investment on the lens will not be stale because it can continue to be used.
8. Sharpness space. Often called depth of field. With a DSLR, space object image sharpness can be set freely. With this feature can create images with a sharp object and the background blurred.
9. Quality Optics. DSLR lens quality certainly better with a pocket camera. In addition, options vary in quality, depending on the contents of the pocket pal.

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